Dice Rob a noi scorpioni

You could preside over your very own Joy Luck Club in the coming days.  According to my reading of the astrological omens, the levels of gratification possible could exceed your normal quota by a substantial margin. You may want to Google the Chinese character that means "double happiness" and use it as your ruling symbol. And it might be time to explore and experiment with the concepts of "super bliss," "sublime delight," and "brilliant ecstasy." Halloween costume suggestions: a saintly hedonist from paradise; a superhero whose superpower is the ability to experience extreme amounts of pleasure; the luckiest person who ever lived.


4 commenti:

Damiano ha detto...

Ellapeppa... allora facciamo che vale anche per quelli, comme moi, che lo scorpione l'hanno per ascendente.

elena petulia ha detto...

Sì davvero, esagerati. Da averne paura.

Gio ha detto...

ti si prepara un compleanno regale!

Anonimo ha detto...

Auguri auguri!